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About the Author,

At last count, award winning author William F. Nolan had 70 books to his credit, including the classic best-seller Logan’s Run (filmed by MGM and now being remade as a major release from Warner Brothers). These works include a dozen novels and nine volumes of collected short fiction. His books include: the Logan trilogy, the current "Black Mask" thriller series from St. Martin's Press (featuring Dashiell Hammet, Raymond Chandler and Erle Stanley Gardner), biographical and bibliographical books on Hammett, Steve McQueen, Ernest Hemingway, Ray Bradbury, John Huston, Phil Hill and Barney Oldfield.

His work has been selected for more than 400 anthologies and textbooks, and among several awards he is twice winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Special Award from the Mystery Writers of America. He is also the author of How to Write Horror Fiction and the editor of some 25 books, mainly in the field of science fiction. Nolan is also the author of more than 700 magazine pieces as well as numerous scripts for films and television.

Automotive Writing
William F. Nolan's father, Michael Cahill Nolan, was a racing pioneer who drove the first automobile over the Santa Fe Trail and competed with Barney Oldfield in 1908 at the Elm Ridge Track in Missouri. He inspired his son’s biography of the legendary speed king. During the 1950s and ’60s, William F. Nolan was one of the nation’s top automotive writers, covering world events for Road & Track, Motor Trend, Sports Car Journal, and many others. Nolan has himself competed in sports car events, and won a trophy in San Diego racing his Austin-Healey Le Mans 100-M.

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The Stainless
Steel Carrot

William F. Nolan at the tiller of Ford's 999 — the racer that Barney Oldfield drove to win the 1902 Manufacturers Challenge Cup.

William F. Nolan

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Nolan Website

In addition to our revised, expanded editions of Phil Hill: Yankee Champion and Barney Oldfield
William F. Nolan is the author of these racing titles:

Men of Thunder – 1964

Carnival of Speed – 1973

When Engines Roar (with Charles Beaumont) – 1964

Omnibus of Speed
(with Charles Beaumont) – 1958

Adventure on Wheels
(with John Fitch) – 1959

Steve McQueen: Star on Wheels – 1972

While these books are out of print, with some searching you will find a good used copies. We may even have a title in stock, give a call or send an email.